Snowbombing’s Big Christmas Bash with Tape the Top 40!


There’s only one time of the year that can compete with the first week of April…and that’s the whole bloody month of December…because it’s Christmas! Still flushed with the excitement of winning Best Overseas Festival at the 2013 UK Festival Awards, Snowbombing’s next stop on the party bus is our annual Christmas party, taking place alongside old muckers Tape The Top 40 at the Proud Galleries, Camden. Promising far more then sherry, Tesco Mince Pies and a photocopied arse, this party is promising to be the biggest bash since Noel’s Christmas House Party. Most importantly, we want you there! Next Friday 13th (unlucky for some…so get down early!) is all about celebrating the true meaning of Christmas in Snowbombing style: that is getting down to classic pop gems from down the years, laughing till your face hurts at The Cuban Brothers and getting stuck into the yuletide eggnog like there’s no tomorrow.


We’re offering a special £8 ticket discount to Snowbombers who are up for partying with us at Proud, plus a free limited edition SB beanie for every purchase! Simply follow this link to grab a ticket for the biggest party since that very first Bethlehem barn-dance…
Get your ticket and FREE SB beanie here!

Stepping up for the evening are a bunch of stellar acts that could have walked right off any Snowbombing line-up from down the years. Barry Peters brings his brilliant bonkers Hospital Radio Show alongside the world’s finest party troupe, The Cuban Brothers! Rave-bothering party starters Raffle Mafia are also on the bill as stirling support whilst greats from Snowbombing’s past and present join forces to add the star on top of this tree. Snowbombing favourite Mr Motivator is also back in Blighty after whipping up Jamaicans into shape on Kingston Beach, with an exclusive “Get Fit for Christmas routine that he’s devised specially for us! So get in shape (before getting seriously out of it over Crimbo of course…).



Cuddles, Benny Kane and more are all on hand to provide a Christmas Knees Up like never before…. Get down early to be in for a chance of a free SB beanie!

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