Hands up who’s coming to Snowbombing 2014?

There’s white smoke billowing from the Snowbombing office and we have taken in all the questions, requests, demands and cries from the ‘bombing contingent…and we can reveal that Snowbombing 2014 will be launched in JULY (so put your deposit aside now to grab the most pimpiest bed in town!)…with the rest of the juicy info coming soon after that!

We understand that a lot of people are chomping at the bit to get going with planning the next holiday of a lifetime, and we’ll keep you updated at every turn! We do know Snowbombing 2014 will be our best event ever. How do we know this? Well because EVERY year we always manage to eclipse all previous ones. After a breahtless 2011 headlined by The Prodigy and an anarchic 2012 event topped by Dizzee Rascal, we topped our own summit with the capture of Kasabian to headline the Forest Finale this April.

Look forward to more parties in paradise in 2014!
It’s what keeps us going…and maybe why Snowbombers return year after year. We thrive off the support provided by every Snowbombomber, be they a first timer or seasoned pro with 5 years of Mayrhofen under their belt. Your antics on the piste, your lovingly made fancy dress costumes and your endless stomping in our venues keeps the festival going and we can’t wait to create more fantastic memories with you lot.
Which superstars are you gonna come face to face with in 2014??

Watch this space for some really BIG news in July. Or sign up for our launch newsletter here and receive priority booking info!

Posted by Snowbombing on May 10 2013 in Snowbombing News & Updates

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  • Aj: im entering next year, get lambo to sponsor it
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  • snowbombing: No android for this year. However we may be getting one for next year. Fingers crossed!
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