Tour De Dance Part 2


Across the Swiss border and beyond!!

blog freeze verbier Our on the road Tour De Dance updates us on their second week!

Posted by Snowbombing on Feb 8 2010 in Music, Randomness Fun & Stupidness, Snowbombing News & Updates, Snowbombing Tours, You Tube Videos

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  • Aj: im entering next year, get lambo to sponsor it
  • Lebanoclegi: I have marked this site. Interesting read.
  • swissdent: Hey, very great web site you have made. I enjoyed reading this posting. I did want to publish a comment to...
  • Bessie Brauchla: Most of the times i visit a blog i get disappointed. On the contrary,I could honestly say that you...
  • snowbombing: No android for this year. However we may be getting one for next year. Fingers crossed!
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